AI has the potential to save HR teams and hiring managers time and to address bias in recruitment, but there's still mystery around how, or if, this can be achieved. Join Aaron Hardy, VP Operations and Strategy Asia at PageUp and Buddhi Jayatilleke, Chief Data Scientist at PredictiveHire to discuss how AI is helping overcome bias in recruitment now, and what's in the future for eradicating bias using AI tools.

You'll learn:

1. How AI can help remove bias from recruitment processes
2. What automated recruitment tools can understand (that humans can't)
3. Predictions for the future of AI tools in recruitment
4. How you can prepare and gather the data you'll need to train AI tools.     


Wednesday, 13 February 2019


2.00 pm – 2.50 pm AEDT

11.00 am – 11.50 am SGT


Aaron Hardy
VP Operations and Strategy Asia
Buddhi Jayatilleke
Chief Data Scientist